physics::Vector3D Member List

This is the complete list of members for physics::Vector3D, including all inherited members.

crossProduct(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
distance(const Vector3D &v) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
distance(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
distanceSquared(const Vector3D &v) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
distanceSquared(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
dotProduct(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
fastScale(Vector3D &result, const Vector3D &a, float scale)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
fillArray(float *a)physics::Vector3D [inline]
fromArray(const float *a)physics::Vector3D [inline]
getArray() const physics::Vector3D [inline]
length() const physics::Vector3D [inline]
lengthSquared() const physics::Vector3D [inline]
lerp(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b, float t)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
makeNormal(const Vector3D &a, const Vector3D &b, const Vector3D &c)physics::Vector3D [inline, static]
normalise() const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator*(float scale) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator*(const Vector3D &v) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator+(const Vector3D &v) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator-() const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator-(const Vector3D &v) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
operator/(float scale) const physics::Vector3D [inline]
Vector3D()physics::Vector3D [inline]
Vector3D(float px, float py)physics::Vector3D [inline]
Vector3D(float px, float py, float pz)physics::Vector3D [inline]
Vector3D(float px, float py, float pz, float pw)physics::Vector3D [inline]
Vector3D(float *pf)physics::Vector3D [inline]

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