physics::Contact< d > Class Template Reference

#include <contact.h>

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Public Member Functions

void calculatePenetration ()

Public Attributes

Vector normal
 Normal in World coordinates.
Vector position
 Position in World coordinates.
float Pn
 Accumulated normal impulse.
float Pnb
 Accumulated normal bias impulse.
Vector frictionImpulse
 Accumulated friction impulse.
Vector relativeVelocity
 Relative velocity in contact coordinates.
int featureID [2]
 Feature ID; Either an edgeID or vertexID (in 2D).

Detailed Description

template<typename d>
class physics::Contact< d >

This class contains the definition of a contact between two bodies in the simulation

Member Function Documentation

template<typename d>
void Contact::calculatePenetration (  )  [inline]

The idea is that rather than generating contacts fresh each frame, you keep them around and update them for the new positions/velocities which should be faster to calculate

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