physics::Globals Class Reference

#include <globals.h>

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Static Public Attributes

static float DEFAULT_DENSITY = 1.0f
static float DEFAULT_RESTITUTION = 0.4f
static float DEFAULT_FRICTION = 0.5f
static float GRAVITY = -9.8f
static float DEFAULT_TIMESTEP = 1.0f / 60.0f
static const float PI = 3.1415926535897932384626f

Detailed Description

The Globals class holds static data that can be modified to adjust the behaviour of the library

Member Data Documentation

float physics::Globals::DEFAULT_DENSITY = 1.0f [static]

Default density for newly created shapes.

Default coefficient of restitution for newly created shapes.

float physics::Globals::DEFAULT_FRICTION = 0.5f [static]

Default coefficient of friction for newly created shapes.

float physics::Globals::GRAVITY = -9.8f [static]

Default value of gravity (in y axis).

float physics::Globals::DEFAULT_TIMESTEP = 1.0f / 60.0f [static]

Default length of a simulation step.

const float physics::Globals::PI = 3.1415926535897932384626f [static]

Mathematical constant pi.

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