physics::OctreeBroadPhase Class Reference

#include <broadphase_octree.h>

Inherits physics::BroadPhase< physics::ThreeDee >.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void init (World *world)
virtual output_container findPairs ()
virtual void bodyAdded (Body *body)
virtual void bodyRemoved (Body *body)

Detailed Description

Broadphase implementation that uses Octree spacial hashing to efficiently check the proximity of bodies within the 3D simulation. Performant for large numbers of bodies in one simulation

Member Function Documentation

void OctreeBroadPhase::init ( World world  )  [virtual]

Set up an octree with a root node.

Reimplemented from physics::BroadPhase< d >.

BroadPhase< ThreeDee >::output_container OctreeBroadPhase::findPairs (  )  [virtual]

Find the pairs of bodies.

Reimplemented from physics::BroadPhase< d >.

void OctreeBroadPhase::bodyAdded ( Body body  )  [virtual]

Add a body into the Octree.

Reimplemented from physics::BroadPhase< d >.

void OctreeBroadPhase::bodyRemoved ( Body body  )  [virtual]

Remove a body from the Octree.

Reimplemented from physics::BroadPhase< d >.

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