physics::Polygon Class Reference

#include <polygon.h>

Inherits physics::Area.

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Public Member Functions

float getMOI () const
 Get the Moment of Inertia.
void scale (float scale)
 Scale the shape.

Static Public Member Functions

static Polygoncreate (Vector2D *points, const int size)
 Create a polygon. Performs convexity checking.
static int makeConvexHull (Vector2D *points, const int count)

Detailed Description

Convex polygon class

Member Function Documentation

float Polygon::getMOI (  )  const

Get the Moment of Inertia.

Float; Moment of Inertia

void physics::Polygon::scale ( float  scale  )  [inline]

Scale the shape.

scale Float specifying the value by which to scale

int Polygon::makeConvexHull ( Vector2D points,
const int  count 
) [static]

Given an array of points, find the convex hull.

Number of points on the convex hull (values in the array past this length will be unchanged).

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