physics::CollisionListener< d > Class Template Reference

#include <collision_listener.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CollisionListener ()
virtual ~CollisionListener ()
virtual bool notify (Contact< d > *contact, int index)=0
 Notifies when a contact has been detected.

Detailed Description

template<typename d>
class physics::CollisionListener< d >

Description of what a CollisionListener is and how it should be used goes here. Note: CollisionListeners are never deleted by Large Polygon Collider: that is the user's responsibility.

Class that implements a collision listener. Provides call backs so that events within the physics simulation can be acted on by external applications.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename d>
virtual bool physics::CollisionListener< d >::notify ( Contact< d > *  contact,
int  index 
) [pure virtual]

Notifies when a contact has been detected.

contact Pointer to a contact
index Integer; 0 or 1 depending on which body registered the listener
Return false to ignore contact, Return true to process contact

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