physics::Orientation2D Class Reference

#include <orientation.h>

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Public Member Functions

float getAngle () const
Orientation2D operator- () const
Orientation2D operator+ (Orientation2D o) const
Orientation2D operator- (Orientation2D o) const
Orientation2Doperator+= (Rotation2D o)
Orientation2Doperator-= (Rotation2D o)
Vector2D operator* (const Vector2D &v) const
Vector2D transform (const Vector2D &v) const
Vector2D inverseTransform (const Vector2D &v) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Orientation2D random ()

Detailed Description

Stores an orientation in 2D.

Member Function Documentation

Orientation2D physics::Orientation2D::random (  )  [inline, static]

Creates a random orientation.

float physics::Orientation2D::getAngle (  )  const [inline]

Return this orientation as an angle of rotation about the z axis.

Orientation2D physics::Orientation2D::operator- (  )  const [inline]

Get the negation of this orientation (the same value in the opposite direction).

Orientation2D physics::Orientation2D::operator+ ( Orientation2D  o  )  const [inline]

Combine two orientations.

Orientation2D physics::Orientation2D::operator- ( Orientation2D  o  )  const [inline]

Get a relative orientation.

Orientation2D & physics::Orientation2D::operator+= ( Rotation2D  o  )  [inline]

Rotate this orientation. A Rotation object in this context is just a change of orientation.

Orientation2D & physics::Orientation2D::operator-= ( Rotation2D  o  )  [inline]

Rotate this orientation in the opposite direction. A Rotation object in this context is just a change of orientation.

Vector2D physics::Orientation2D::operator* ( const Vector2D v  )  const [inline]

Transform a point by this orientation.

Vector2D physics::Orientation2D::transform ( const Vector2D v  )  const [inline]

Rotate a point using this orientation.

Vector2D physics::Orientation2D::inverseTransform ( const Vector2D v  )  const [inline]

Rotate a point in the opposite direction to this orientation.

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